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Happy Birthday Constantine Allen Friant!

Happy Birthday Constantine Allen Friant!

Kim has been in the hospital and this morning the doctors decided to bring baby into our world early! He’s about 2.5 months early and will be in NICU for a while, but Kim says he is doing great so far and they are not even worried right now!

Here’s a few stats: Constantine “Gus” Allen Friant: 2lb, 6oz, born February 11 at 9:47 am.

According to Mommy: Totally a surprise, but our little dude came out feisty and all set to conquer the world!!

I am one excited Auntie and glad he is doing so well! We have a new future reader here! JPJ

Kim’s Baby Update: It’s A…

We have exciting news here to share at Jessica’s Reading Room! Kim and Ivan found out the gender of their baby this week! She has announced it on her page, and now is the time to announce it here!!


What gender is the baby?????  The family knows, Jessica knows, and now it’s time for YOU to find out!!!









It’s a BOY!!!!


And we are sharing the name as well: Constantine Allen Friant will be making his debut sometime in May 2023!!!


We are all so excited for the new addition and future book lover!


Let’s all congratulate Kim and Ivan!!



Merry Christmas!

To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas from Jessica, Kim, Sage, Curry, Shiva, and Joad Christopher! We hope you have a great holiday season and finally end 2020. May you find books under your tree or in your stocking! Maybe get some reading in today too.

Please stay safe and healthy for us and bring on 2021!