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Merry Christmas!

To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas from Jessica, Kim, Sage, Curry, Shiva, and Joad Christopher! We hope you have a great holiday season and finally end 2020. May you find books under your tree or in your stocking! Maybe get some reading in today too.

Please stay safe and healthy for us and bring on 2021! 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving for those of us in the US!  Whatever you do today, please stay safe! 

This year it will be different (like all of 2020)  for us.  My family is not getting together but they WILL get phone calls.  The hubby and I will be taking it easy by watching the 1990s version of The Stand this weekend(to get ready for the new one releasing in a few weeks) and eating breakfast pizza!! 

And of course I’ll be getting some reading in too!

Happy Turkey Day!




Help a Teacher Build a Classroom Library!


My friend April is a 7th grade English Language Arts here in Georgia and she is currently working on building a classroom library for her kids. It is proving very popular as the kids are inhaling the books! She has created an Amazon Wish list if you would like to contribute and share in the love of reading!  Also, the books are tax deductible since it is a contribution to the school.

Why is she trying to build a classroom library?”
<<The school’s library is limited on newer books. They have books in there from when we were in middle school.>>

Yikes! We are not going to say how long it has been since we were in middle school!  All I will say is that it has been a while…

Here is the link to her classroom wish list:

**If you do help, it would be great to mention that you heard about her from Jessica’s Reading Room so she knows where the donation came from!