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An Advent Calendar for 2023!

This will be something fun I am doing this year: A Book Lover’s Advent Calendar! Come December 1st (yes that is Friday!) I will be opening one gift a day and sharing it with you! So come hang out at Jessica’s Reading Room on Facebook or Instagram and see what the daily gift will be!



An Announcement

This is an announcement I have known was coming for months, it was just a matter of when she said it was time.  Kim is leaving Jessica’s Reading Room as a reviewer. Life with a preemie newborn is just too much with trying to read and also write reviews.  Her reading has gone down significantly, but for the best reason ever: Her little man Gus!

I will miss her and her reviews! She brought a different element to the website and Facebook Page with her different genres of choice!  She will still be checking out the Facebook Page.

Kim does have her own Instagram and a Facebook Page that she updates as she can:
Instagram @Kimsnerdlife
Facebook @Kim’s Nerd Life

Kim will always be welcome back here!  Keep in touch with her by following her two pages! I will be staying in touch with her as well! And one day soon we will finally meet!



Who would have thought that Jessica’s Reading Room is SEVEN years old today!

Almost all of my free time is dedicated to blogging and sharing the book love: BUT as long as I still enjoy doing it, that is what matters!  I started my blog for me first and it may not be a blog with a huge following (which I am fine with ) I still do have people looking at what I think and this is great! It’s crazy to think that people actually read about what I have to say about books! I just wish I had more free time to explore the social media side, but working over 40 hours a week with an hour commute one way, really cuts down on the reading time! BUT I do listen to audiobooks in the car!

Here’s the Facebook Page:


Here is the Instagram!

There is a Twitter, but it really isn’t active especially now that posts can’t automatically be shared from the website.

I hope to see you around the Facebook Page and Instagram! Keep reading!