Children’s Picture Book Review: Baby Loves: Earth

Baby Loves: Earth: An ABC of Our Planet
Series: Book 2 of Baby Loves
Author:  Jennifer Eckford
Illustrator: Teresa Bellon
Published:  August 4, 2020

30 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: November 28, 2020
Jessica’s Rating: 3 stars     

Book Description:

An ABC book designed to teach very young children about the earth and how it is changing. 

Baby Loves is a new range of giftable preschool ABC books that taps into the trends that matter. Stunningly illustrated with a cut-to-white aesthetic, each pocket-sized book is a perfect introduction to a key topic for babies

Jessica’s Review:

Baby Loves: Earth is a pocket size picture children’s book made of thick cardboard which will make it easy for a little one to hold and turn the pages.  The illustrations are colorful and yet simple to help enhance the meaning of the word that corresponds with the presented letter of the alphabet. 

Baby Loves: Earth introduces little ones to the world of conservation and environmental issues. I would not recommend this for a baby of even a very young toddler as some of the words are larger and this will cause mom or dad to explain the word and meaning to the child,  (Such a T for Toxin Free, Q for Equilibrium, and X for coexist. There was even a word I did not know: K for Kapok. What is that? Google helped to give me the knowledge on this word.  I did like that Y stood for You and this could lead to a conversation about how you (the child) can help to save the world.

Overall, I say look at this book first and decide if it will be appropriate for your young child.

I received a copy from the publisher via Amazon Vine to review. 

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