Cover Reveal: Happiness is a Commodity

Novella: Happiness is a Commodity
Author: The Behrg
Release Date: December 1, 2016

The Behrg took over the Bookies Facebook page last month during our yearly Authorberfest and premiered the cover of his novella Happiness is a Commodity. And now I get to do the cover reveal in conjunction with his site!

So there is no more waiting, here is the cover of Happiness is a Commodity:


Happiness is a Commodity will be available December 1, 2016

Happiness is a Commodity’s Description:

Happiness can no longer be achieved through natural means, but must be purchased from the government for brief 20-minute increments.

And the price is going up.

One man documents his experience as he uncovers a conspiracy by the governing elite. Those who are ALWAYS happy. But he will soon discover that the cost of real Happiness may be far worse than living perpetually in the dark.

Told through blog-post entries, this non-traditional novella explores a world where darkness and misery are the norm. An allegory for living with depression, this story will open your eyes to the millions lost in darkness around you, and may prepare you for a future that is all too likely to come.


I am intrigued by the description and hope to read this very soon!


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