#Diverseathon2021: June’s Prompt and Host

Tomorrow is June 1st: Now it is time to talk about June’s prompt and host for #Diverseathon2021:

For June the prompt is: A Main Character Who Is LGBTQ

June’s Host: Danyel at dany.alvey
She will host at Instagram.

She will be hosting a giveaway of $15 to Book Depository (or Amazon for a US winner) for your choice of a book.  This is an international giveaway! Be sure to check out her Instagram for full details on that giveaway.

For full details on this year long read-a-thon, please click here.
And don’t forget about the awesome GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year. Click the link here for that information.

What am I reading during June for #Diverseathon2021? My choice is…

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass

**This one does not come out until July 13th. I received an arc copy from the publisher via Bookish First.

Book Description:

Sixteen-year-old Jake Livingston sees dead people everywhere. But he can’t decide what’s worse: being a medium forced to watch the dead play out their last moments on a loop or being at the mercy of racist teachers as one of the few Black students at St. Clair Prep. Both are a living nightmare he wishes he could wake up from. But things at St. Clair start looking up with the arrival of another Black student—the handsome Allister—and for the first time, romance is on the horizon for Jake.

Unfortunately, life as a medium is getting worse. Though most ghosts are harmless and Jake is always happy to help them move on to the next place, Sawyer Doon wants much more from Jake. In life, Sawyer was a troubled teen who shot and killed six kids at a local high school before taking his own life. Now he’s a powerful, vengeful ghost and he has plans for Jake. Suddenly, everything Jake knows about dead world goes out the window as Sawyer begins to haunt him. High school soon becomes a different kind of survival game—one Jake is not sure he can win.

What are YOU reading for #Diverseathon2021 in April?