First Line Friday #97

Today’s First Line Friday comes from an author I have enjoyed in the past and it has been several years since she has written anything.  God has had her on a journey and she shares her story here in her memoir, this week’s choice for First Line Friday:

When I was 22-years old, my world was turned upside down.

Note: If you’re already offended by the title, the book will likely offend you too.

Crossroads are an inevitable part of life. But how do you navigate them when your life is not your own?

At 22-years-old, Michelle Onuorah was a bestselling author, former runway model, and recent college graduate with the world at her fingertips…Or so she thought.

In a matter of weeks which turned into months…and eventually most of her twenties, the God of the universe systematically revealed that He was also the God of her life – and she was not. With breathtaking candor, razor sharp humor, and bold vulnerability, Michelle shares the ten key lessons she’s learned about God, life and understanding both in the midst of ceaseless transitions.

In her words, “This book is for those of you who believed with all your heart that you would end up in one place and somehow, despite following God – or maybe even because of it – ended up on a completely different path. This is for those of you who, though you love God, sometimes wonder who He even is. This is for those of you who choose to believe He’s still good.”

This book is for you.

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**I pre-ordered this memoir and it is a short one, at about 130 pages, therefore I am hoping to read this one soon!**