Happy New Year!!/ Kim’s December 2021 Reads


Happy New Year everyone!  Bring on 2022 and let’s see where it goes (hopefully in a good way!)

$1 in a Jar:

Since we are in a new year, don’t forget to start a new $1 in a Jar: For every book you read, put $1 (or more) in the jar and come next year, you’ll have some ‘play money’! I’m starting the new year with $92 ‘play money’ for me!

Goodreads/Storygraph Challenge:

Do you Goodreads or Storygraph??  If so, have you set your challenge for this year? I have a set a big one, but that is due to my longer commute to work. So my goal for 2022 is…

WOW: 111 books! If I get moved to another office closer to home I will have to change it.  This is a big jump for me as 2021 my goal was 81 books and I read 92. I could have just gone with 100, but I want to have a number I think I can reach, and for me I think that number is 111. Let’s see what happens in my 2022 year of reading!

Beccie has a You Tube:

If you follow our Facebook Page/ Instagram(s), you know that Bookies is gone.  Beccie has left Facebook, BUT she is still on Instagram and has a You Tube channel!  Here is her video for today. See what she is planning on reading, she’s trying to be a TBR reader and doing her own version of $1 in a jar monthly!


The ABC Challenge:
Don’t forget about the ABC Challenge I am doing this year. I do have a few ARCs I need to get in, so this won’t start right away, I’m thinking it will start in March.  Moer info on the ABC Challenge is here.

Now it’s time for Kim’s December 2021 reads:

What are you planning for your year in reading for 2022?