Jessica’s Top 10 of 2017

It’s always difficult to decide on a Top 10 for the year. I read such a variety of books that it can be difficult to rank them. But I did it!  My list ranges from YA, to some thrillers, to a difficult but sadly necessary book.  These were all awarded 5 stars.  What are my Top 10 for 2017? Here they are:

10. Letters to the Pianist

This is a Historical Fiction novel that has some parallels to the author’s life and family. Pianist deals with the Blitz in London during WWII. There is intrigue, family, and loss.  If you are a Historical Fiction fan, you MUST read this book! I look forward to more from S.D. Mayes in the future.

9. Clipped Wings

Jennifer Gilmour is a survivor of domestic abuse herself, and Clipped Wings is her followup book.  One in four women and one in six men will be victims of domestic abuse at some point in their lives. Clipped Wings is real survivors stories.  This is a very important book where we get to hear their real life experiences in their own words.  Maybe one day a book like this will not be necessary.  Until then, read this difficult  and thought provoking book.

** Please note I was a backer for the Kickstarter campaign for this book and also mentioned in the Acknowledgements.  That is always exciting!

8.  Never Let You Go

Chevy Stevens is one of my ‘go to’ authors. My favorite of hers is her debut novel Still Missing.  She is ‘back’ with Never Let You Go. Never Let You Go will be one of my favorites from her.  This one also deals with domestic abuse. You don’t ever want to put this one down, so don’t!

7. Perfect Imperfections

This is one that had some special meaning that I shared in my review. This was one that was definitely a pleasure to read. The cover is simple yet full of meaning. I look forward to see what Taryn Leigh writes next!

6. Zenn Diagram

This is a sweet YA novel by a new author. I like that she had a female protagonist that was good in Math! We need more characters like that for girls to read!  It’s ok to be good at Math! We need more women in STEM. The protagonist also has a special ability.  If you like YA at all, then pick this one up!

5. The Chosen One

This is the second time I have listened to this audiobook. This is a short YA novel that deals with polygamy.  I was blown away with this one the second time as I was with it the first time.  The author has an insight on what it may be like to live in a polygamist group.  The Chosen One is a novel that will evoke a very wide range of emotions.  Despite being a young adult novel, it is a disturbing one that deals with many issues which could be troubling to some readers. This one will make you think, and is 100 % recommended!

4. Behind Closed Doors

Yet another book that deals with domestic abuse made my Top 10 this year.  This one is mind blowing. This was a debut novel for B.A. Paris and she is brilliant! I look forward to her upcoming one in 2018!! It will not be for everyone and it is difficult to read.  But I have to say this: READ THIS BOOK!

3. The Couple Next Door

I LOVED this novel! I recommend the audiobook as to me the author sounded like Diane Sawyer and I felt like I was listening to an episode of Dateline. I was pulled in from the beginning and it did not disappoint.  It is everything you want in a  thriller, all the way to that unexpected ending!

2. The Fourth Monkey

Hannibal Lector needs to move aside, because we now have 4MK! This is a superb serial killer novel that never slows down! This novel takes place over a short time period and because of that fact you feel like you should not stop reading it!  Monkey will not be for all readers as the diary entries are very unsettling as we see the influences that show how 4MK became what he is today.  I will be reading more from J.D. Barker!

My Number One Choice of 2017: Just A Normal Tuesday by Kim Turrisi

Just a Normal Tuesday has so much personal meaning for me and I knew when I finished it that it would be my top book of the year.  I knew it would be hard for another book to beat and they did not.  Turrisi tackles the difficult subject of teens and suicide.  My review for Tuesday is here. I can’t say much more about this novel than what I have already said. Kim Turrisi, THANK YOU for writing this novel. I know how much it means to you. #liveyourstory

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