Kim’s Top 10 of 2017

Well this was a difficult task! But I did my best and certain guidelines helped me out quite a bit! I only added books that I’ve read for the first time this year. There were several that I read before and reread this year, but only books that I have read for the first time since January, 2017, are included. Also, only 5-star reviews are on this list. I can’t in good conscience put any books with less that 5 stars ahead of any that have 5 stars. Dang, I sound so professional! ? This list is in no particular order . . . because that would be downright impossible!

Midnight at the Electric

I really liked this book! It was the perfect combination of historical and future settings. I also liked the characters a lot.

Serafina and the Splintered Heart

This book was an amazing ending to an awesome story. I fell in love with Serafina, Brayden, and the Vanderbilts. The setting of Biltmore House was perfect!


As a teacher, I think this is an important book for educators to give some much-needed perspective. It is also written simply, so even younger kids can read and understand.

Ten Days in a Mad House

3 words: “History,” “Asylum,” and “Eye-witness” (is that 2 words or just 1? Oh well!) Enough said!

Six of Crows Duology

I did read the first book last year, but I reread it and read the 2nd book for the first time this year, so I’m putting it on this list. I loved this duology so much! The characters, story, and setting are all flawless!

Harry Potter Series

This is another one I had started several years ago, but reread the first book this year and finished the series for the first time. I would like to teach at Hogwarts and collect fantastic beasts as a hobby. If that isn’t a glowing review, I don’t know what is.

Letters from the Looney Bin

This book fascinated me! I had a hard time believing that it was fiction!

Prisoner B-3087

Every teacher should have this book on their shelf; from middle school, on! Fiction that could almost be passed as history.

The Arsonist

A great historical read! I would describe this book as a great page turner that kept my attention to the very end!

Projekt 1065

Another perfect book for history teachers. This book gave great perspective in the behind the scenes actions of the Allies. It also deals with ethical questions in a way that’s perfect for students.

Here are all of my choices for my Top 10 for 2017!:

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