My Plain Jane

Cynthia Hand
Brodi Ashton
Jodi Meadows  

Published: June 26, 2018
464 pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

You may think you know the story. After a miserable childhood, penniless orphan Jane Eyre embarks on a new life as a governess at Thornfield Hall. There, she meets one dark, brooding Mr. Rochester. Despite their significant age gap (!) and his uneven temper (!!), they fall in love—and, Reader, she marries him. (!!!)

Or does she?

Prepare for an adventure of Gothic proportions, in which all is not as it seems, a certain gentleman is hiding more than skeletons in his closets, and one orphan Jane Eyre, aspiring author Charlotte Brontë, and supernatural investigator Alexander Blackwood are about to be drawn together on the most epic ghost hunt this side of Wuthering Heights.

Kim’s Review:

I love the Jane series so so much! I read My Lady Jane last year and fell in love! It made me laugh so hard and made even me forget my historical nitpicking for a little while. So I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that they decided to write another book. (very, very excited!) We were on vacation at the Outer Banks and I bought My Plain Jane at the cute little indie bookstore in Buxton; shout out to Buxton Village Bookstore!

I read it in all of two days! I love the writing style; they basically talk to the reader every few paragraphs. I get that this story is a retelling of Jane Eyre, so the “dear Reader” fits in really well. And I love how they apologize to England in their dedication page for what they’ve done to a classic! My opinion of the classic Jane Eyre story is pretty weird. I love the book and I adore Mr. Rochester; I hate Jane. She’s whiny and stubborn and arrogant. Thank goodness, they fixed it in My Plain Jane. Jane isn’t my favorite character in this book, but I also don’t hate her. I love, love, love, Alexander! He’s one of those crush worthy characters. Charlotte is also pretty awesome. She’s smart and dissatisfied with her lot in life, so she actually changes it and does it with femininity and class.

Overall, the best way to describe this book is “a fun read.” It just made me giggle and smile and made me want to keep reading and never put it down. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously and it just wants to be enjoyed. I’d say that means it’s a great book, at least for me! I would recommend this for anyone looking to find the fun in reading. I doubt guy teens would like it, but it’s perfect for teen girls. I really love it!

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