My Thrill Club Unboxing

Today I am sharing an unboxing of a My Thrill Club box.

I had seen it advertised on Facebook and saw it was inexpensive for what you get. $14.99 for either two books and a dvd or two dvds and a book.  Yep, that is all it costs!  The books are also hardback by the way!  I figured that the movies and books themselves may be older, so there could be a chance you already own them, But the cost is just awesome, so I decided to give it a try! I did the live unboxing on Bookies as usual.

Here are the plans you can choose from:
Month to month $14.99
3 month prepay $41.97
6 month prepay $77.94
1 year prepay $143

**My Thrill Club only ships to the US and Canada. You pay an additional $10 for shipping to Canada.

These are the different genres that you can choose for your box:
Crime and Mystery
Thriller and Espionage
Surprise Me- this could be any of the three genres that arrive to you!

**I selected Crime and Mystery for my box.**

Here is the live unboxing from Bookies if you want to watch:

Here is the box! It was heavier than I expected when I picked it up:

Sage wanted the box all to herself!













The letter that came. OMG, my box was packed by It! A Clown!!!













Here is the first book! OMG, not only is it a hardback…. It is signed too! That was very unexpected! That is a win for the box right there!

It is December 6, 1941. America stands at the brink of World War II. Last hopes for peace are shattered when Japanese squadrons bomb Pearl Harbor. Los Angeles has been a haven for loyal Japanese-Americans—but now, war fever and race hate grip the city and the Japanese internment begins.

The hellish murder of a Japanese family summons three men and one woman. William H. Parker is a captain on the Los Angeles Police Department. He’s superbly gifted, corrosively ambitious, liquored-up, and consumed by dubious ideology. He is bitterly at odds with Sergeant Dudley Smith—Irish émigré, ex-IRA killer, fledgling war profiteer. Hideo Ashida is a police chemist and the only Japanese on the L.A. cop payroll. Kay Lake is a twenty-one-year-old dilettante looking for adventure. The investigation throws them together and rips them apart. The crime becomes a political storm center that brilliantly illuminates these four driven souls—comrades, rivals, lovers, history’s pawns.

Perfidia is a novel of astonishments. It is World War II as you have never seen it, and Los Angeles as James Ellroy has never written it before. Here, he gives us the party at the edge of the abyss and the precipice of America’s ascendance. Perfidia is that moment, spellbindingly captured. It beckons us to solve a great crime that, in its turn, explicates the crime of war itself. It is a great American novel.

Here is the autograph:

Here is the movie that was next. It was wrapped in plastic, so it was new! That answered my question on if the movies would be new or used!

Two London brothers are hard-up for cash, and both have girls to look out for, too. When rich Uncle Howard comes to town and agrees to help them out, he admits his finances are under investigation, and he asks them to do him a favor and “take care of” an old business relation to keep his trouble under wraps.

The last book:

Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, is having a record-breaking season in his first year as a New York Yankee. In 1920, he will hit more home runs than any other team in the American League. Larger than life on the ball field and off, Ruth is about to discover what the Chicago White Sox players accused of throwing the 1919 World Series are learning–baseball heroes are not invulnerable to scandal. With suspicion in the air, Ruth’s 1918 World Series win for the Boston Red Sox is now being questioned. Under scrutiny by the new baseball commissioner and enmeshed with gambling kingpin Arnold Rothstein, Ruth turns for help to Speed Cook–a former professional ballplayer himself before the game was segregated and now a promoter of Negro baseball–who’s familiar with the dirty underside of the sport.

Cook in turn enlists the help of Dr. Jamie Fraser, whose wife Eliza is coproducing a silent film starring the Yankee outfielder. Restraint does not come easily to the reckless Ruth, but the Frasers try to keep him in line while Cook digs around.

As all this plays out, Cook’s son Joshua and Fraser’s daughter Violet are brought together by a shocking tragedy. But an interracial relationship in 1920 feels as dangerous as a public scandal–even more so because Joshua is heavily involved in bootlegging. Trying to protect Ruth and their own children, Fraser and Cook find themselves playing a dangerous game.

Once again masterfully blending fact and fiction, David O. Stewart delivers a nail-biting historical mystery that captures an era unlike any America has seen before or since in all its moral complexity and dizzying excitement.

I was very pleased with this box! I did not own any of the items that came.  There are no extras, but come on…. $14.99 is a DEAL for two hardbacks and a dvd!  I will be getting this box again next month, so I will have another unboxing for you. I did get an email saying that the February box will be the last box to include dvds; from now on there will be a ‘surprise gift’.  I’m not sure if this box is January or February as I ordered it right at the end of January. I suppose we will see when the next box arrives!

I love how they have the thriller/horror theme and keep it throughout!

My Thrill Club box is recommended!