Remember by Shervin Jamali

Remember: A Unique Love Story
Author: Shervin Jamali

Published: July 1, 2018
166 Pages 

Reviewed By: Jessica
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars
Dates Read: January 28-31, 2020

Book Description:

As Daniel watches the life ebb from Grace’s body, he wishes they had more time, knew each other when they were young. His wife surprises him by insisting they did. And then she’s gone.

He knows this can’t be true. Can it? They only met later in life, so why would Grace’s departing words hint at a shared youth? Haunted by this notion, Daniel journeys into the past to discover the truth.

‘Remember’ is a unique love story. Find out how it really began..

Jessica’s Review:

Wow: What a first read for me by Jamali! This is a romance that transcends time/religion and takes you down a path you would never expect to go down.  This is the love story of Daniel and Grace and it is not all happy, in fact the first chapter begins with her death and final shocking words to Daniel.

The chapters are all very short and keep you reading; as the story progresses you don’t want to put it down. Despite being a novella at a length of just 166 pages, it packs a punch and delivers so much!  

Remember is not a light-hearted romance: There are many real life issues dealt with including alcoholism, abuse, drugs, and rape.  You do need to suspend your belief in reality due to the direction it goes in. 

This novella touches you and the Epilogue just tugged at my heart.  This is a very welcome and highly recommended read.

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