Remembering Megan of BookslayerReads


Standalone Sunday is a meme that was started by Megan of BookslayerReads. I participated in Standalone Sunday for a while then came up with my own ‘Sunday Memes’ that I do from time after time.  The last time I did a Standalone Sunday was Christmas time.  Then last Sunday I participated in it again. As I was setting up my post for this I noticed that Megan’s blog was gone. I know she had not been posting as much and had started a candle making business, but I was still surprised to see it gone.

This past week I, along with the book blogging community found out that Megan recently passed away. We do not know the cause of death.  All of her social media has been erased from the internet. So in addition to the deep loss of Megan we loose her in every other way. I did not know Megan personally, but she was very supportive of me and many others when we started our blogs. She was a very genuinely kind person and I wish I had known her better.  Megan, your presence will be missed by the book blogging community. She was a young mother and I have many thoughts and prayers for her family and friends, both online and in real life.

Her death caused me to have that conversation with my husband about my site. If something happened to me I would want it to stay up for at least a while.  I’ve worked so hard and love doing this site and I love sharing the love of books with everyone.  This site may not be huge but it is mine and I am proud of it.

We will remember you at Jessica’s Reading Room Megan! I will continue to post Standalone Sunday and will include a remembrance to Megan in those future posts.