Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month here in the United States. This is very important as suicide can affect everyone.  My #1 read of the year deals with suicide and its aftermath.  It is a very touching book that means a lot to me.  The book is Just a Normal Tuesday by Kim Turrisi. My review for it is here.  I also interviewed Kim earlier this year and my interview with her is here.  This is a book I feel everyone should read as we have all lost someone important to us. I really feel you should read it if you lost someone at a young age, whether that death was due to suicide or not.  My review explains so much.

Here is the trailer for Just a Normal Tuesday:


If you are considering suicide please get help. There are many organizations that can help. You are worth it! #liveyourstory

 The National Suicide Prevention Helpline
Open 24/7

The Trevor Project (LGTBQ)
Open 24/7

The Hope Line

The Didi Hirsch Foundation 

For those who have lost someone, here are some camps that can help:

Comfort Zone Came (US)

Camp Erin (US and Canada)