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Children’s Chapter Book Review: Twig and Turtle: Big Move to a Tiny House

Twig & Turtle: Big Move to a Tiny House
Series: Twig & Turtle #1
Author: Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Illustrator: Paula Franco
Published: October 6, 2020

101 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars
Date Read: October 29, 2020

Book Description:

8 and 6-year-old sisters named Twig and Turtle are excited and curious about their new small town in Colorado, and for their cool new tiny house. Their family is united in living more simply and not stressing out the earth’s resources. And enjoying nature. But for Twig, that means leaving her BIG adopted Great Dane with her grandma. In the tiny house, there’s barely enough room for a few books and games!

Friendly and outgoing Turtle rolls with the move, and new life. But Twig struggles without her beloved dog. At school, Twig has to write about an opinion. And that gets her mind cooking. Twig is going to use her writing project to get her big dog back!

Jessica’s Review:

This is a short chapter book for kids from second to fourth grade.  This book deals with several issues children may face: moving, bullying, and loss of pets (not due to death). Not only do Twig and Turtle have to move, their family moves into a ‘tiny house’ and they have to downsize! Downsizing means having not much at all, which includes Twig losing ‘her’ dog Bo as he is a Great Dane and that type of dog would not fit in a tiny house. 

Though the title is about moving into a tiny house, that is not the main focus of the story. The main focus is Twig trying to find a solution to keep Bo.  Ultimately a solution is found and everyone is happy.  Therefore, I feel the title should have been something else. 

This is a story that shows that kids can set their mind to something and actually accomplish something. 

There are illustrations in the book, but my arc copy states that the illustrations are not final, which is apparent between the cover of my copy and the finished book. Therefore, I cannot comment much on the illustrations except to say that based off of my copy that there may be diversity of ethnicities and disabilities shown. 

I received a copy via Amazon Vine.  This children’s book is recommended.

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