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Audible Original: The Summer Melt by Emily March

The Summer Melt
Author: Emily March

Andi Arndt

Dave Gilles
Published: June 23, 2022
Audiobook: 2 hours 52 minutes

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Listened To:  June 16-17, 2023
Jessica’s Rating: 3 stars

Audiobook Description:

It’s peak tourist season in Eternity Springs, and Dana Delaney has her hands full running her ice cream parlor, Scoops. The last thing she needs is for her star employee to fall sick, but she’s in luck when a newcomer to town offers to fill in…and the fact that he’s sinfully handsome with a sexy Scottish accent is an added treat.

A-list sports agent Cal Buchanan is visiting Eternity Springs to scout marriage proposal locations for a client, not get distracted by the beautiful owner of the local ice cream parlor. But when she’s short staffed, he can’t resist the opportunity to dip in and help. If he plays it right, she might even return the favor and give him a tour of the town’s most romantic destinations. Will their attraction lead to a romance more decadent than Scoops’ Double Chocolate Toffee Crunch—or will it melt away by summer’s end?

Jessica’s Review:

This was a cute, little novella that was a quick listen that I enjoyed it up until the end.  I liked the story and the fact that we had hot Scottish brothers both working in Scoops and their competition. I even enjoyed the touring the town for a proposal bit of the story.  Then came the ending.  It just came extremely fast for me.  Between the ending and the cursing by saying ice cream flavors I had to knock half a star off. The cursing by flavors was cute at first, but after the third time I was over that. 

There were two narrators and one would have sufficed.  The female narrator was able to pull both male and female voices off, but the male narrator… Between that accent and his terrible narration of the female character… Nope!

This is a great read for summer that deals with the heat and all the different flavors were leaving me wanting some ice cream or something cold at least!  I’d say skip the audio version and just read this novella.

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