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The Tower

The Tower
Author: Anne-Marie Ornsby
Published: January 10, 2020
135 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: March 30- April 2, 2020
Jessica’s Rating: 2 stars

Book Description:

Sometimes the dead come back. And sometimes all they want is to hurt you.

When residents on an east London housing estate start dying in gruesome ways, housing manager Ada begins to worry that her past is coming back to haunt her.

Once a powerful medium, able to talk to the dead with amazing ease, she became more comfortable with the afterlife than real life, and with that openness she attracted something dark from the other side. Terrified by the experience she swore she would never communicate with the dead again.

Ten years later at the scene of an apparent suicide, her long closed-down connection to the dead is reopened, and she begins to receive information she shouldn’t know about the victims’ final moments.

Stalked in her dreams and in waking life by an angry male presence, Ada begins to relive the dark days when something from the other side wanted her to end her life.

But as the bodies stack up and the visions intensify, Ada realises that in order to stop more people from dying she has to let the dead back in to find out the truth of what is driving her residents to violent acts – and face up to her own ghosts.

Jessica’s Review:

This is sadly another novel that did not work for me.  Yes, I enjoy the crime thrillers and this one had paranormal twists to it.  I was fine with that but the direction the novel went did not work for me. The final act/twist which explains everything did not work for me.  Unfortunately, I can’t go into it or I would give away spoilers.  This is the author’s second novel and I will give her another try and read her debut at some point.

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