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Book Review: Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell by Illustratus

Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell
Author: Illustratus

Published: August 13, 2019
160 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell is a ghost story collection for middle schoolers.

Featuring the only true ghost stories in existence (as the book itself will tell you), readers discover 13 eerie encounters that are perfect for sharing—if they dare.

With tales about a finger against the inside of a mirror, a wooded area where the trees look back, and a basement door blocked by a brick wall so thick it stifles the screams from below, this book is sure to haunt anyone who can’t resist a spooky story.

• Filled with creepy poems and tales
• Features striking, bone-chilling illustrations from Disney-Pixar talent
• Book contains all original stories

This haunting book will consume your imagination and keep readers of every age up long past their bedtimes.

• Great for those who can’t get enough of Halloween, ghost stories, scary movies, and all things spooky, as well as librarians and teachers looking for a thrilling read to share with students
• The perfect book to read by a campfire or during a slumber party—or alone under the covers in the middle of the night

Kim’s Review:

This is a great one for kids! It’s very Scary Stories, but definitely unique! The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and I think I actually liked this anthology better, overall, than Scary Stories. The connection between all the stories was general enough that it didn’t affect the stories, but that everything felt like it all went together. The stories are short and simple and chilling! I really liked it a lot!!!!

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