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A Double Review of Eidolon by Grace Draven

Today Kim and I bring you a double review of Eidolon by Grace Draven! This is the second novel  in the Wraith Kings series. And we both gave it four stars!

Series: Wraith Kings #2

Author: Grace Draven
Published: April 18, 2016
292 Pages

Book Description:

In a bid for more power, the Shadow Queen of Haradis has unleashed a malignant force into the world. Her son Brishen, younger prince of the Kai royal house, suddenly finds himself ruler of a kingdom blighted by a diseased darkness and on the brink of war. His human wife Ildiko must decide if she will give up the man she loves in order to secure his throne.

Three enemy kingdoms must unite to save each other, and a one-eyed, reluctant king must raise an army of the dead to defeat an army of the damned.

A tale of alliance and sacrifice.

Kim’s Rating: 4 stars
Kim’s Review:

Sequels aren’t usually this good! But I really liked Eidolon. The characters were consistent with what we learned about them in the first book, the action was almost as good, and I’m left wanting to hear more of Brishen and Ildiko’s story. My only real criticism is that I felt the solution to defeating the galla, which shall remain unspoiled for those who haven’t read it, was a little anticlimactic. For all the grief and stress and resistance to said solution, it seemed awfully easy once it started. But the emotions and anticipation beforehand and after was really good and I was quite involved throughout the reading. Overall, this is a great book and I look forward to continuing the series!

Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars
Dates Read: July 9-25, 2022
Format Read: Kindle e-book

Jessica’s Review:

Eidolon is the second in the Wraith Kings series and we continue Brishen and Ildko’s story.  But all is not a happy story as we start out with the fall of the royal family.  And now the former  unimportant ‘spare heir’ Brishen finds himself to have to serve as king with a human wife who will not be able bear him children to continue the family line. 

We have their continuing love story with complications and an unknown future for the entire kingdom.  We do get much more action with this one as we have a battle that has to happen and Brishen will risk everything. And what decision will Ildiko have to make?  We have a love or duty strain going on.  But reading the story we know something else is coming that could change everything!

And we still have the sexual tension between Serovek and Anhuset to come!  Their story is book three and I am really looking forward to it: They constantly bicker, but Serovek is fun and flirty while Anhuset is a stubborn badass.  I have really enjoyed her in the two previous books as I always enjoy a strong female character, and look forward to learning more about her and see her shine!

I have enjoyed both Radiance and Eidolon, along with Brishen and Ildiko’s story. They are just perfect for each other despite the many differences they overcame in Radiance. Romance is not my main genre of choice, but I have enjoyed this series so far and giving both a 4 star reviews says something for Draven’s writing!

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Book Review: Sister Funtime by Spencer Hamilton

Sister Funtime: A Smileyland Story
: Smileyverse
Spencer Hamilton

Published: December 1, 2021
140 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

“Welcome to hell, Sister.”

Sister Mary Matthew arrives on the steps of St. Teresa’s Joyous Youths Orphanage determined to be the children’s favorite nun. But she can’t seem to win over the head of the orphanage: stern, withered Sister Agatha Eustace, whom everyone secretly calls Sister Killjoy.

Mary tries to rise to the challenge, but things at St. Teresa’s feel . . . off. A mysterious benefactor. Sick children denied medicine. A crowded cemetery. Strange noises from the basement. Cruel punishments. Terrifying dreams.

Worst of all, her prayers remain unanswered. She feels as if God has abandoned her and everyone at St. Teresa’s. Until, one full-mooned night, a voice calls to her. A voice that claims to know her heart’s desire.

Before there was Smileyland, before Mister Smiley, there was a decrepit orphanage run by an evil nun and full of children who chanted:

“Sister Funtime, Sister Funtime, Sister Funtime!”

From the author of Welcome to Smileyland and The Fear comes the new religious horror novella, the latest entry in the Smileyverse. Come on in—and don’t forget to say your prayers.

Kim’s Review:

Holy cannoli! Since this is a prequel written after the initial book that I have not read, I wasn’t expecting too much. I could not have been more wrong! This book was terrifying! Just enough paranormal to keep it from being a simple gore fest, but enough gore to keep it realistic. I want so badly to read Mr. Smiley, Hamilton’s original work, but I guess I have to wait until the next printing. But I am now emotionally invested and psychologically hooked! Nuns running orphanages is one of those tropes I adore, then you add in the horror elements and I’m happy! Plus, the cover is fabulous! I definitely recommend it to all the horror fans out there!

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Book Review: First Blood by David Morrell

First Blood
Rambo: First Blood #1
Author: David Morrell

Published: 1972
320 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 3 stars

Book Description:

First came the man: a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair. Then came the legend, as John Rambo sprang from the pages of First Blood to take his place in the American cultural landscape. This remarkable novel pits a young Vietnam veteran against a small-town cop who doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with—or how far Rambo will take him into a life-and-death struggle through the woods, hills, and caves of rural Kentucky.

Kim’s Review:

I’ve been watching Rambo movies since I was a kid. Of course we had to watch the tv edited versions because they’re rated R, but honestly, they’re not much different! I re-watched the first three recently and I noticed that it said that First Blood was based on a novel, so of course, I bought and read the novel. And I was so disappointed! This is a rare case where the movie is absolutely better than the book! Stallone did an excellent job adapting it and improving on the original story. I did not like John Rambo in the book. I sympathized a little, he absolutely was not a victim. Everything the sheriff did, with the exception of a little bias initially, was appropriate and within the law. Everything was more extreme; Rambo killed everyone! And I don’t want to give away the ending, just in case anyone wants to read it. But it sucked!! If you want to know Rambo’s story; go watch the movies.

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