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Kim’s February 2021 Reads

***Unfortunately, because of Ivan’s new schedule at a new hospital and the traveling we did at the end of February, there will not be a February Wrap Up video. So here is a pic of the books I read in February, 2021! I branched out and it was awesome!***

Shutter Island– Dennis Lehane- 5 Stars
Blood CruiseMats Strandberg– 5 Stars
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue– V.E. Schwab- 4 Stars
Bone Chase- Weston Ochse- 3 Stars
Real Haunted Hospitals and Mental Asylums- Zachery Knowles 4 Stars
The Culling- Sian B Claven- 5 Stars
Voices from Chernobyl- Svetlana Alexievich 5 Stars
The Paper Girl of Paris- Jordyn Taylor 4 Stars
Violet-Scott Thomas- 4 Stars

“Best Of”:  Voices from Chernobyl
“Worst Of”:  Bone Chase

Kim’s December 2020 Reads

Kim is back with her December 2020 reads!


Happy Halloween: Kim’s October 2020 Reads

Happy Halloween!  What are you doing today? For me it’s a little cleaning and weekly household duties that need to be done, BUT then we are eating pizza and watching thrillers! (An oldie: Changing Lanes with Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson and then Unhinged starting fat Russell Crowe. (LOL- based on the trailer he does fat, creepy old man really well!)

If you are dressing up, what are you dressing up as?

Whatever you are doing stay safe today!

Today Kim is sharing her October 2020 reads with us: