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Happy Halloween: Kim’s October 2020 Reads

Happy Halloween!  What are you doing today? For me it’s a little cleaning and weekly household duties that need to be done, BUT then we are eating pizza and watching thrillers! (An oldie: Changing Lanes with Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson and then Unhinged starting fat Russell Crowe. (LOL- based on the trailer he does fat, creepy old man really well!)

If you are dressing up, what are you dressing up as?

Whatever you are doing stay safe today!

Today Kim is sharing her October 2020 reads with us:

Kim’s September 2020 Reads: Video Wrap Up

Wow, we are now in OCTOBER!  And guess what: Kim is back with her video wrap up of her September 2020 reads! 

This time it one is a shorter video than normal!



Kim’s August 2020 Reads

Kim is back with her video wrap up of her August 2020 reads! 

I know it is a little later than normal posts, but it is a three day weekend and last night I was too tired to get the post ready! Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!