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50 Real Heroes for Boys

50 Real Heroes for Boys: True Stories of Courage, Integrity, Kindness, Empathy, Compassion, and More!
Author: Christy Monson

Narrator: Johan Twiss
Published: September 1, 2019

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: February 2-5, 2020
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

50 Real Heroes for Boys teaches young boys everywhere that being a man only requires being yourself–but your best self. Bright, colorful portraits by over a dozen international artists accompany true stories of men who knew that character–things like integrity, kindness, empathy, courage, respect for women, and more–mixed with their own unique gifts–art, athletics, creativity, dance, music, curiosity, and more–could make the world a better place. Readers will find Jackie Robinson, who used courage to break barriers in sports; Jim Henson, who used humor to uplift the lives of millions; Dav Pilkey, who used perseverance to push through dyslexia and become one of the word’s most successful children’s book authors; and many more! The book also includes dozens of stories of women like Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jane Goodall, because boys can have women heroes too! Written by marriage and family therapist Christy Monson, 50 Real Heroes for Boys reminds boys everywhere what true masculinity is all about.

Jessica’s Review:

Though aimed for boys, this children’s picture book would be suitable for girls as well.  The heroes mentioned include:

  1. Men and women
  2. Well known and not so well known figures
  3. Main-stream and historical figures
  4. National and international figures

Everyone would learn something from this book.  Each figure has at least one ‘special power’ that is unique to them and their situation they went through to become a real hero.  There is also a section for each hero that lets kids think about how they can be a hero and do what the mentioned person accomplished. 

I received an audible copy from the narrator Johan Twiss to review.  Please note when you buy an audible copy you will also be sent a PDF so you can listen to and also follow along reading!  Together the audio version and book are a perfect combination!  There is music that goes along with the narration and most of it had a Marvel/superhero feel to it.  There was also music to go along with the mentioned figure’s time period or where they are from. This audiobook was pure entertainment, yet also educational for everyone! 

This was a highly enjoyable children’s book that I would say is for everyone and all will learn something from in!

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