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Book Review: The Hush by Sara Foster

The Hush
Author:  Sara Foster

Published: November 2, 2021

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: November 17-23, 2021
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Six months ago, in an English hospital, a healthy baby wouldn’t take a breath at birth. Since then there have been more tragedies, and now the country is in turmoil. The government is clamping down on people’s freedoms. The prime minister has passed new laws granting authorities sweeping powers to monitor all citizens. And young pregnant women have started going missing.

As a midwife, Emma is determined to be there for those who need her. But when her seventeen-year-old daughter Lainey finds herself in trouble, this dangerous new world becomes very real, and both women face impossible choices. The one person who might help is Emma’s estranged mother Geraldine, but reaching out to her will put them all in jeopardy …

The Hush is a new breed of near-future thriller, an unflinching look at a society close to tipping point and a story for our times, highlighting the power of female friendship through a dynamic group of women determined to triumph against the odds.

Jessica’s Review:

In a post-COVID Britain, babies are now being born without taking a breath. These incidents have slowly risen over time where it is nearing one in two babies being born stillborn, even with healthy mothers and pregnancies.

In this dystopian world, citizens have slowly been giving up their freedoms without much concern (down to pregnancy tests monthly for those females starting at age 14!). And now young pregnant girls have started to go missing. Emma is a midwife who has seen the instances of still birth babies rise dramatically, and now her own daughter Lainey is pregnant. Because of this, both of their worlds have changed to the frightening unknown.

This novel gives a realistic feel for how things could actually happen if COVID worsened and spread to the unborn and affect the population in a grand scale.  But here in the US, the fallout from a rise in governmental power and lack of general freedoms would cause anarchy and chaos on the grand scale. 

The Hush gives the reader a great deal of things to think about in terms of the British government and our actual world.  This novel leaves you thinking are we actually headed in this direction, pandemic or not?  Book clubs would have quite the conversations in regards to this novel.

The Hush is recommended.

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