Tag: Snow 2017 December 9 2017

SNOW in Georgia!

As you guys know, I live in Georgia. Well we have had snow!  It started Friday morning.  We were sent home from work at noon, which was almost too late!  The roads were bad and I don’t drive a car for that kind of weather.. I made it home safely. The snow continued through part of yesterday. We lost power and internet off and on all day!  It’s on now and will hopefully stay on…

Here’s some pictures of the snow. It’s pretty, but….. People can’t drive in this stuff!  They don’t need to be out in it either….

We estimated 8-10 inches. It started melting off the trees yesterday and we got the snow off the cars.  It got really cold last night so what’s still there is most likely refroze and is ice now….

We are hoping to get out this afternoon.  If it comes down to it there is a Family Dollar within walking distance.  We do have a Bronco that is 4WD, but it is having mechanical issues. We will see what today brings and who know what will happen tomorrow…

We live across from a cemetery, and it looked so pretty! A small portion is civil war and the snow on the wall around those tombstones was so pretty.

Our poor little house!  8-10 inches…

Anyone else got any snow this weekend?  I’m hopefully going to catch up on my blogging today. I hope to get posts scheduled for the week and I have two reviews to write: The Hate U Give (This is one I am nervous about reviewing as I was nervous about reading it) and Anatomy of a Scandal.  This was originally to be released December 5, but was changed to January.

Have a great Sunday guys!