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Star Trek: Vulcan’s Forge

Star Trek: Vulcan’s Forge

Josepha Sherman
Susan Schwartz
Published: August1, 1997
344 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 3 stars

Book Description:

Just over a year ago, Captain James T. Kirk was lost to the Nexus while saving the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B from destruction. Aboard the science ship Intrepid II, Captain Spock, commanding some of his old crewmates, must face the loss of his closest friend. But while still in mourning for one friend, he must come to the aid of another. Decades ago, Spock had teamed up with David Rabin, the young son of a Starfleet Captain, to fight an attempted coup on Vulcan that would have turned the planet’s people away from the path of logic. Now a Starfleet officer, Captain David Rabin has been assigned to a harsh desert world much like Vulcan, where the Federation is determined to protect the lives of the inhabitants. But Rabin’s efforts are being sabotaged and he has asked for Spock’s help against the unknown forces that may well destroy the society he had come to save.

While reflecting on his youthful adventure with David Rabin, Spock joins with Rabin to face and enemy out of their past and confront deadly Romulan treachery. In the process Spock will decide if the path of his life now leads back toward the family traditions he had once sought to escape.

Kim’s Review:

My timing is excellent! I ended up reading this book just after I watched Star Trek Generations and witnessed the death of James Tiberius Kirk … heartbreaking, but inevitable. Poor Spock and Bones have to learn to accept the death of Jim Kirk and stick together. The best thing about this story is the characters. The authors nailed each of them perfectly and I felt like I knew them as they were on the big screen. Uhura proved herself to be a badass at the helm of a starship. I’ve always loved her, but seeing her succeed in this way was incredibly satisfying. Bones is the same of persnickety doctor who has a heart of gold and a sharp wit. And Spock, my old friend, struggles with the loss of his best friend and captain. The emotions ran high and that almost made up for the plot, but not quite. While most of the story was enjoyable and the banter between characters was funny and entertaining, there was an awful lot of just walking thru the desert. And unfortunately, that brought the rating down. I just got bored. I hate to say it, but it’s true. But I leaned a lot of things about Spock’s childhood and his decision to enter Star Fleet so obviously I’m glad I read it!

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