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Belladonna by Sian B. Claven

Author: Sian B. Claven
Published: September 15, 2019
281 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Meeting Eleanor changes Patrick Knowle’s life as he knows it.

His only passion has been the ocean right up until meeting the enchanting heiress to a fortune almost as big as his own. Life simply couldn’t get better until Patrick starts seeing the pale woman in the water.

Mysteriously, people in their coastal town start to drown in the most bizarre ways.

After being attacked himself, Patrick goes on a quest to unearth the mermaids’ secret, and ultimately face the consequences of his own ignorant actions.

Kim’s Review:

Claven is a beast!! I swear, now I’m just reading her books to see if she’ll disappoint me! She hasn’t yet, and I’m starting to worry that her streak is coming to an end … I doubt it, but it would be just my luck! 😂

This book is labeled simply, “a twisted tale”: accurate. My only criticism, is that the ending contradicted my own sense of justice. Ok and the connections throughout the mystery were a little obvious to me and I wondered why the cops didn’t see it.  I’m pretty sure none of that spoils anything and hopefully it will intrigue you enough to go read it. In this world of sparkle and color, mermaids and horror are not the most usual combination, but it totally worked. The idea of getting lost at sea and drowning is terrifying enough. Then to add deranged mermaids, you got a great story. It was a fast read and I was done in one sitting. The cover is gorgeous and I had chills pretty much the whole read.

At this point, I recommend not only this book, but pretty much everything Claven has written!

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