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Would You Rather book tag


I recently came across this book tag over at Molly’s Book Nook. She did not tag me in it, she left it open for anyone to do. Kim and I thought this would be a fun thing to do and it also lets you get to know us a little better. I will not be tagging anyone. Feel free to do this or not! Kim and I both had fun doing this.

Here is Jessica’s Reading Room edition of Would You Rather….

  1. Have unlimited money for e-books or a $5,000 Barnes and Noble gift card?

Jessica: This one had me conflicted…For a second!  I decided on unlimited money for e-books.  I enjoy both my kindle and ‘physical books’. The kindle is great for convenience, but I am becoming a fan of ‘physical’ books again.  Unlimited money means if I did not like the book, it isn’t really a loss!  Delete it off that kindle. I can always buy it again if I wanted.

Kim: This one is actually pretty easy for me. I’d choose the $5000 gift card. Books are not just about reading for me. I love buying physical books that I can put on my shelf and then just stand and stare at how beautiful my library is. There’s really no substitute for picking a brand new book right off the shelf and taking it home with you.

  1. Meet any deceased poet or J.K. Rowling?

Jessica: My choice would be to meet J.K Rowling even though I’m not a Harry Potter fan; I am also not a fan of poetry. Though the Harry Potter books never interested me, and I have only seen the first movie when it came out many years ago.  I love how those books kept getting longer as the series went along and they got kids reading.  Great job J.K. Rowling!

I love her “Cormoran Strike” series she writes as Robert Galbraith.  My first question would be “When is the next book coming out!?!?  You left us hanging and I need to know what’s going to happen next?”

Kim:  As much as I would enjoy meeting the mind behind Harry Potter, I think I would choose a deceased poet, specifically, Emily Dickenson. “Hope is the thing with feathers” is my favorite poem and means a lot to me. Plus, she was a recluse who handed her poems to someone thru a crack in the door . . .  she sounds downright fascinating!!!!

  1. Write the world’s most famous book or visit the world of your favorite book for one day?

Jessica: Since the world of your favorite book isn’t ‘real’ in the first place, I would go with the world’s most famous book.  This way I also benefit financially!!  Although I don’t have the desire to write a book, I am more than happy reading and reviewing them! I may not have the ‘biggest and best’ blog, but it’s MINE and more importantly, I am having fun doing it!

Kim: Why waste an opportunity to be an author, connect with book nerds, fund my serious book addiction, when I can visit the world of my favorite book anytime I want to just by opening the book? I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Choose __ or __ ? (Insert characters from your favorite fictional love triangle)

Katniss with Peeta or Gale (Hunger Games)
Jessica: I am Team Gale all the way!!!

Bella with Edward or Jacob (Twilight)
Jessica: Team Jacob!!!!  Edward is so stalkerish!!

Luce with Daniel or Cam (Fallen by Lauren Kate)
Jessica: I am Team Cam!!!

Elena with Stefan or Damon (Vampire Diaries)
Jessica: Please note that this decision is based solely on the tv show: Team Damon!!!  But once Bonnie got together with Enzo, they became my Vampire Diaries Couple.  I LOVED them!!!

America with Maxon or Aspen (The Selection): 
Kim: Maxon all the way, hated Aspen from the beginning.

Samantha with Elijah or Jaxon (How to Hang a Witch):
Kim: Jaxon cuz he’s so sweet and nice and has been there for her from the beginning! I still like Elijah, but it’s just impossible!

**Note from Kim:  Here’s my problem: I HATE love triangles. Seriously, if I read the book description and it says there’s a love triangle, I’ll usually put the book back on the shelf. However, since I have read some books with love triangles, I’ll put the person I would choose.

  1. Experience Hogwarts in a very realistic and accurate virtual reality or travel around the world for a year at no cost?

Jessica:  What kind of question is this? Again, I’m not a Harry Potter fan so I am traveling the world!! (As long as I can keep my job- I gotta pay the bills once the traveling is over…..) I’d love to see so many places, let alone return back to Hawaii and Ireland!

Kim:  Oh this is easy! My inner history nerd wins out on this, travel around the world at no cost! This is kind of the same thing as #3. I visit Hogwarts every time I open a book! Hey, I consider myself to be a professor at Hogwarts!! Besides, virtual reality can never beat actually being in Russia, or the Taj Mahal, or Westminster Abby, or the catacombs under Paris.

Both Kim and I had fun doing this! We had different answers, that’s how different we are from each other (Other than our shared love of books). I hope you enjoyed reading this and getting to know us a little more.  What are YOUR answers???