The Underachieving Ovary

Author: JT Lawrence
Published: September 29, 2016

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Listened: April 2-8, 2018
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

Will there be light at the end of the birth canal?

Does the word ‘endometriosis’ make you want to stick a fork in your eye? No? Then perhaps this book isn’t for you. It’s funny, and (sometimes alarmingly) frank. It contains an impressive array of synonyms for ‘vagina’ and it’s certainly NSFW.

It’s about having a devil womb and a hot knife lodged in my shoulder. It’s about becoming blackly bitter and twisted in my infertility, and then slowly finding a way to untwist myself.

It’s part memoir, part dark comedy, wrapped up loosely as a journal full of TMI and quirk.

Let me put it this way: If Helen Fielding and Marian Keyes were to go through IVF, and use Caitlin Moran as a surrogate, this book would be their baby.

Jessica’s Review:

This is JT Lawrence’s candid memoir dealing with her infertility journey. Ovary is written as a journal and you take every detailed step with Lawrence. This is one that will not be for everyone as she is very direct with her feelings that involve foul language which are raw, gritty, and also at times funny. Through her writing, Lawrence made me feel like I personally know her as I went down this difficult and frustrating path she went through to try to become a Mommy. I had no idea there were so many letters in the alphabet and acronyms for infertility…

This made me understand more of what some of my friends have gone through in their journeys to become parents. You definitely feel the wide range of emotions Lawrence goes through and you are pulling for her to get her wish of becoming a mommy despite all the hurdles that continually pop up.

I had previously purchased the kindle edition, but I was also sent the audible version from the author to listen to.  It is narrated by Jennifer Swanepoel who did a brilliant job. She put all the frankness and emotion that Lawrence wrote into her narration.

Infertility is a difficult issue and if you are going to write about it, then this is a way to do it. Please note that this is not a faith based journey.  For those who have not experienced infertility: READ THIS BOOK!  You will actually learn about infertility and gain some insight as you read.

Ovary should also make you think twice before you ask a couple if they are going to have children:  it is no one else’s business other than the couple.  You never know what they are going through whether it is infertility or other issues.

Bravo JT Lawrence on a memoir that we all need to read.

The Underachieving Ovary is highly recommended. Thank you JT Lawrence for my audible copy!

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